Our Company

has been designing and crafting quality ironwork for over 30 years. Our devotion to high quality architectural metalwork has brought us to the level we are at today. We strive to leave each customer with the highest quality product because it has been our satisfied customers that have led us to becoming who we are. Thank you to all our previous, current, and future customers who have made and will continue to make Grizzly Iron, Inc.

We Love Forging!

We have a passion for forging iron.
The manipulation of hot steel is mesmerizing and addictive!
We hope to be able to share that passion with you!

Check Out Our Workshops!

Want to learn more about forging or metalworking? 
We have the workshops and classes for you!

Custom Ironwork

We can create anything you can imagine and more! Got an idea? Let us have a go at it!


Are you interested in learning more about blacksmithing or metal working? We offer classes on a regular basis for all skill levels. 

Damascus Material and Products

Look for our products coming soon! If you are interested in something specific before then contact us and let us know  what you need. 

Custom Knives

Our founder and blacksmith, Rodger LaBrash, is an amazing knifemaker. Head over to his site to see his latest work.

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