on Thursday Nights from 5:30PM-9PM


This Fall we are launching a string of quick courses that are held on Thursday evenings, from 5:30-9PM. Each course ranges in skill level, so please make sure to find the one that suits your level of experience.

Please contact erika@grizzlyiron.com with any questions or concerns.

*Skill Levels are color-coordinated:
Orange = Beginner-to-Intermediate | Blue = Intermediate-to-Advanced

Surface Grinder

September 19th


Learn proper safety and use, and then practice precision surface grinding.

 If you have any Damascus billets or knife blanks that need to be ground, feel free to bring them with you!

Wasabi Cups & Chopsticks

October 24th & November 14th


Forge a Japanese style of chopsticks, then raise a vessel from copper to create a wasabi bowl to take home! 

Power Hammer Basics

September 26th


Learn techniques using hammer dies as well as proper use of top tools and spring swages.

Guard Fitting

November 21st


Struggling with proper guard fit up? Don’t have a fancy mill?

Learn how to achieve a tight guard fit with simple tools. 

Shelf with Corbels

October 3rd


Create a shelf to hold your artwork, keys, or whatever you need!

Corkscrews & Wine

December 5th


More details to come.

Knife Grinding

October 17th


Struggling with uneven grinds, off-set plunges, and walking edges? This is the class for you!


December 12th


Bring in your own knife and learn how to make a simple sheath from Kydex for it!


December 26th


Learn how to forge a Brian Brazeal-style Crane from flat bar.