Knife Grinding Workshop


Learn tips and tricks to make grinding easier, smoother, and faster!

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This class will be held on a Thursday evening, from 5:30-9PM.

If you have been struggling with uneven grinds, off-set plunges, and walking edges; this is the class for you!

Designed for Knife Makers ranging in skill from Beginner to Intermediate, this class will start with a profiled blank and cover several ways to layout center lines for the edge. Learn what belts and grits to use for what, as well as how thick or thin to grind pre and post heat treatment. This class covers how to grind clean bevels, centered edges, and even plunges. There are a lot of tips and tricks covered to make grinding easier, smoother and faster!

This class is non-refundable.

About the Instructor

Clayton Cowart

Clayton’s teaching style balances science and art to cut through the mythos that make intimidating tasks seem simple and easy.

Clayton Cowart has been a bladesmith for ten years. He specializes in making ancient steel, heat treating, and tight tolerance knife making. Clayton has been teaching classes and workshops in Arizona since 2012 and teaching along the West Coast since 2017. 


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October 17, 2019


5:30PM – 9PM


1329 W Lincoln Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007


Clayton Cowart

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