Tamahagane Workshop


Instructed by Clayton Cowart 

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Instructed by astounding metals aficionado and bladesmith Clayton Cowart.

Students will set up and operate a modern tatara, like those used by swordsmiths in Japan, to obtain high grade tamahagane from black sand.

This course will cover the basic theory of furnace construction and metallurgy involved to achieve the elusive jeweled steel as well as learning how to identify, separate, and consolidate the different grades of tamahagane produced.

This is a hands-on course where the students will be assembling the furnace, chopping coal, feeding the tatara, tapping the slag, and pulling the bloom. There will also be a demo on consolidation techniques, tips, and tricks.

Friday night students will have the option of coming to participate in setting up the furnace. Sunday will be the final consolidation unless time allows on Saturday. *The burn will take place on Saturday June 1, 2019.


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